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Worlds Fastest RC car challenge Saturday July 28, 2007

WFRCCC II: Saturday, July 28, 2007

From Pete V. of RC Car Action:

Same rules as last year, but we'll also be posting new rules soon as to what constitutes a Mini, a Monster Truck, a Motorcycle etc. Again, ANYTHING that follows the essential rules (wheel-driven, 40" long or less) will be allowed to run. But if you stretch an RC18T to a 12" wheelbase and run 1/10 scale touring car tires in it, you can't say it's running in the "mini" class.

We also want to avoid endless sub-classes (for example, we won't have Monster Truck nitro, Monster Truck brushed, Monster Truck brushless, Monster Truck 1/8, Monster Truck 1/10--there will just be "Monster Truck")

"Worlds Fastest" rules

1. Wheel-driven vehicles only. Vehicles powered by thrust (jet, rocket, propeller, etc.) are not allowed. Turbine power is allowed only if the turbine is used to drive the wheels, not for thrust.

2. Vehicles may be powered by engine(s) or motor(s) of any number and configuration.

3. Vehicles may be any weight, with any chassis configuration and any number of wheels—but the completed vehicle may not exceed 40 inches (1016mm) in length.

4. All vehicles must use commercially available FM radio gear with a functioning fail-safe system set to apply full brake in the event of signal loss or interference.

5. Vehicles are not required to look like any type of "real" car or truck, but all entries must have some type of 3-dimensional "cockpit area" with windows (clear or painted). It's OK if your car looks like a space ship as long as it appears to have a place for a guy to sit.

6. The vehicle must remain operable after its speed runs. Sacrificial motors or power systems that are inoperable after a run are not permitted.

7. Drivers must operate their vehicles from a fixed position. Chase cars are not permitted.

8. Drivers or teams may enter as many cars as they like.

Entrants will be divided into three classes: Manufacturer Team, Independent Team and Individual.

MANUFACTURER TEAM: entries fielded by RC companies will run in the Manufacturer Team class.

INDEPENDANT TEAM: if the entered vehicle is the collaboration of three or more individuals operating without the support of a manufacturer, it will run in the Independent Team class. High school shop teams, university engineering departments, RC clubs ... this is your class!

INDIVIDUAL: any vehicle entered by a single person will run in the Individual class.

Each vehicle will be given three attempts to make its fastest run. The vehicle with the absolute highest peak speed will be declared the overall winner, and separate awards will be given to the fastest vehicles in the Manufacturer, Independent and Individual classes.

Special awards will also be given for "Most Innovative Design," "Fastest-Looking", "Fastest Production Car" (for vehicles that are still recognizable as production-based cars and trucks), "Fastest Engine-Powered Car" and "Fastest Electric Car." We may also make up some awards at the event, based on the type of vehicle that show up (Fastest Monster Truck? Fastest Motorcycle? Surprise us!). It's a top-speed contest, but we'll also reward creativity and originality; we don't want every car to be a rail with 20 cells.

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