Saturday, August 18, 2007

Update for WFRCCC '07

therczone on RCZone is reporting live from WFRCCC 2007. He gives an update as of 6:00pm PST:

rczone at 5:58pm PST says:

Nic Case is done... Charlie Swanka is going to continue trying...

rczone at 4:35pm PST says:

We still have yet to break the official record of 134.4.... it is extremely windy.. a car just took out the announcer tent at 50 mph easy inches from shattering on Peter Viera's wheel to his real car.. got it all on video... people are having problems with getting airborne and the rear end swapping too much, or just full-on spin outs... I don't think the record will be broken this year..

rczone at 2:43pm PST says:

They're giving up on the speedtrap.. it will be by radar now... we have yet to break the 134.4 mph record...

rczone at 12:41pm PST says:

They're having problems with the speedtrap but they have the Stalker radar system which runs $3000... Rainman's dragster glitched and the rear end is all messed up.. not sure if he'll be able to fix it or not..

I'm video taping everything although I have missed a few runs (not record-breaking ones).. fastest I've seen so far is 116 mph by (I think) Nic Case.. Tony Lovering is next...

Some unofficial notable runs:

127.2 mph by Nic Case with some air.... new record for today but still does not beat Nic's 134.4...

118.7 mph by Charlie Swanka from Novak

115 mph Nic Case with his mini

106 mph by Bob Novak..

104.6 mph Jim Schauer

64.9 mph John Crook new monster truck record..

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