Sunday, August 19, 2007

Nic Case - first in the 1.3 second range @96.99mph

It happened Saturday August 18th, at the MHRA's points race in San Bernadino Ca. Nic is the first RC drag racer in the 1.3 second range. He has this to say:

Thank You

Sometimes, being lucky pays-off ! LOL

Thanks for all the gracious help from the Jim Schauer ---(RAINMAN-YOU-DA-MAN).

Mark Rollings was in the other lane. And I have to say---- I don't thing I would have squeezed the trigger like that if I wasn't racing against Mark. He had the jump on me, and it felt like I was playing catch-up. When I went though the lights first---I was happy, just to WIN. But the record ET, was a real surprise! Thank You Mark , for making this old guy focus! LOL

The names are obviously wrong on the slip, but ,what the heck,------- it was a rush!
Brushless power & Lipoy's are KING. I'm very happy with my Grand Motor Sports dragster.

A Big Thanks to all the Good People with the MHRA. You guy's made it a --- fun, smooth program ,with a friendly

Records are made to Broken--------Who’s Next?
Nic Case

Nic's set-up:
I ran a
GMS Dragster
Castle Creations Mamba Max 7700
On 4s Kokam 2400's
TM 2.95" Dia-- 1.95" wide tires
66 tooth spur
11 tooth pinion (32 pitch)

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