Saturday, August 18, 2007

Dan Fischer - Kershaw Designs car

From Dan Fischer:

I've been hard pressed with making final preparations for the competition and other responsibilities, so I may not have time to respond to any questions about this car.

I know the first question that everyone is going to ask I, “How fast does it go?” I can only say that the car has been unthoroughly tested in a large mall parking lot and at about half throttle with one motor, I can estimate that it was doing about 70-80 mph with a lot more power available. It gained speed briskly with the only bug yet to be worked out being a slight sway in the steering. The car has room for mount a second brushless motor for running dual motors in parallel.

Here are the specs...

* Dual Feigao 9L brushless motors
* Dual 8S MaxAmps 3000mAh LiPo batteries
* Dual Castle Creations Phoenix 110-HV ESCs
* HPI Super Nitro Corvette body/tires/wheels
* Jato 2-speed automatic transmission

Aside from the main drivetrain components and scattered parts throughout, the entire car was built from scratch. No promises on how the car will perform since time was tight for testing. At worst it will put on a good show until it finds the retaining wall at the competition.

Dan Fischer
Kershaw Designs

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