Saturday, August 18, 2007

RC Car Action Worlds Fastest RC Car Challenge today

This event is coming soon. It starts at 9am PST (California) July 28th 2007. The RC Zone will be on-site to provide (possibly live) coverage including immediate announcement of the top winners. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back on July 28th! I may even be able to post gradual updates with photos. Videos will be posted a few days after. Unfortunately I can not set up the TRCZ Live! webcast because there is no internet at the track. Nic Case set the official record last year (see his video below) at 134.4 MPH and unofficially at 160 MPH and will be returning again this year.

Please note that our coverage is dependent on what type of internet connection we have at the track (WiFi vs. Cellular). This page may not be updated at all. Be sure to check the RC News forum as that may be how I do the coverage.

Check for coverage here and here

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