Saturday, August 18, 2007

AJ's radio modifications and speed video

This is one of the coolest videos I have seen. A 3 .21 engine monster going 77 mph. Awesome.
From AJ:

Today didnt really go as planned. we got to the drag strip and started the car and found the radio had no range whatsoever. I changed out the receiver and tried again but no luck so we moved to the end of the srtip where the range was better but not good.

I managed 4 runs and maxed at 81 mph which is no better than the last runs. I stood as far away as I could while still in control of the car and floored it. The car whizzed past and the failsafe just cut in. You can see in the vid the car veering to the side and the revs dropping.

I also had problems with the engines as the back 2 kept cutting and due to the radio problems couldnt keep the car in control to be able to turn around and run it back for a retune. It took 4 hrs to do 4 runs!

The drive train problem was a lost drive pin. I need to locktight them in

At the end of the day I changed the RX pack to a 6 cell and voala!! Problems solved but by now it was time to leave.

Off to mallory park for some more running on Friday. I'll be on my own so no vid but i'll attempt to tune the engines

I have the V6 clutches on order and the 9db anenna turned up but no cross over from the TX unit yet.

From AJ:

I think I might have solved the radio problems. Here is a pic of a 9db aerial attached to the Spektrum system. It has a much higher range but needs to be kept vertical.

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