Saturday, August 18, 2007

Matt Shumaker's car update

From Matt:

Today I finished the structural layers of CF on the body. The epoxy will dry over 2 to 3 days. By this weekend I should be removing the foam from the body. By the following weekend the inside of the body should be reinforced and the outside will be final sanded and clear epoxied ready for mounting.

The radio and all remaining electronics should be here this week. I will begin soldering all wires and mounting the large number of components while the body cures (over the next two weeks). I will also have to begin learning how to learn to use all the new goodies.

I have various little bits to make (center driveshaft, small mounts, etc). Those will be easy to make.

The wind tunnel is something I may or may not make. I hope to begin actual testing of the car this month. If the handling dictates, I will build the wind tunnel. This may be unavoidable. But, we shall see. The handling of the car is somewhat telling as far as wether or not wind tunnel tesing is necessary.

Basically, this rebuild consisted of the following;

New chassis made from proprietary 7mm thick CF/Plywood laminate.
Stretched wheelbase.
Stretched, hollow center driveshaft.
New motor (Neu 1512.2Y)
New packs Thunder Power Extreme 2070 cells in 12S configuration.
New ESC (Castle Creations HV110).
New radio (Nomadio Sensor 2.4 GHZ).
Hand laid carbon fiber aero body.
Complete data logging setup with telemetry.

This is about 80% brand new equipment and 20% hold over equipment from the previous car.

The car will weigh 90 to 95 ounces and have 4.3 HP. My personal goal is 150 MPH.


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