Thursday, January 24, 2008

Video Collection

Nic Case: Worlds fastest R/C car 161.76 mph

Car disintegrates at 103 mph

Video: Nic Case's 134.4 mph Electric NTC3

Nic Case"s 127.2 mph Shumacher Fusion

Cliff Lett's 111 mph RC10L (Video courtesy of

Steve Pond"s 100 mph HPI Super Nitro RS4

Cliff Lett"s 96.4 mph RC10TC3 (Video courtesy of

91.3 mph World Drome speed run

Matt Schumaker"s 90mph TC4

House jumping with Josh Cyrul

Joerg Mrkwitschka"s 140 MPH boat

Xray NT1 vs. Ferrari

On board camera crash

Paul Songas:
"Justin Ehlen, one of our super great racers put an on board camera on his bracket car today just for kicks. Well first pass he had problems with a front wheel that made the car get out of control a little bit. He got loose about 60 feet down, almost hit the ET ramp, and then went for a WILD ride...
Drivers reaction is pretty good too! Songas Racing
Grand Motorsports"


Video: Remote Control brushless Barbie Jeep

Shawn Palmer is seen here riding Castle Creations Dual Mamba Max powered Barbie Jeep...if you listen closely you can hear them read off the top speed...18mph!!! WITH A 160LB PERSON ON BOARD!!! The motors used were 7700's, batteries were 2s 7.4V lipos.

Video: Remote Control brushless Barbie Jeep Pt 2

Castle Creations Dual Mamba Max powered Barbie Jeep. The motors used were 2x 5700, 2x 4s 14.8V lipo packs, and now it's fully RC via a Hitec 805 Giant scale high torque servo.

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