Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Video: Practice ROSSA event

ROSSA held their practice speed event June 6-7th to test and tune for the big speed event on September 12-13th. Heres what Ziggy had to say:

Well I think we can call that a success!

Allan Waterfall broke the WORLD bike speed record with a recorded speed of 91.52mph with his IC powered bike. The bike didn't survive the slowdown but I don't think Allan was worried.

Kevin Simms got 102.99 mph with his Losi running 4 cells and a mamba max system. He was using rubber tyres on the rear and foams on the front. Well done Kevin! Send me your address and I'll post you your hat

I managed 87mph with the twin dragster before it gave up the ghost.

Then there was the rocket car...

The idea was just to give it a quick burn and see if everything was working. Myself and Tom filled it with N2O and pressured it up to 900psi. Tom lit the ignition and there was a short burst of throttle and the car moved forward quite rapid but the burn stopped. I thought we had put out the rocket so opened the throttle fully to see the liquid N2O coming out the back but nothing happened. Then there was a very large noise and the rocket jumped back into life and took off at the most incredible speed I have ever seen!!!!

I was so stunned. The car then veered to the right and I tried to straighten it out but it got out of control very quickly so I shut off the throttle. The car then skidded into the timing trap. The car covered about 100m in a little over a second and the whole show was over in about 2 1/2 seconds But MY GOD!! WHAT ACCELERATION!!

It was the most awesome thing I have seen and now I am addicted. The car works and has the potential for incredible top speeds so I wont be happy unless I can get this thing to 200+ and I would say that's just the start.

John has a short video and I'll upload it when he has posted it on his site


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