Monday, May 11, 2009

Video: 86 mph Team Associated RC10B4

Kevin Simms has hit 86 mph with his Team Associated RC10B4 on 4s. He said this about his car:

ive had this car on the isc forum before but now im going to share this one with you people. The car has a neater set u now and im going to lower the car a little because ive replaced my old front tires with 2 large o-rings from b and q. The car is on 4s lipo and ive had it so far go 78mph but im still fiddeling with the gear set up. Its also got a front wing to keep it from flipping. Im now going to try it with out a wing because its gettin lowered it shouldnt handle like a boat. The front o-rings make the car not handle as good but thats a good thing so the back end doesnt come round and without a wing im hoping for 80+. il have pics on tommorow.

the b4 has the normal buggy wheels at the front but they are cut in half and im using o-rings it helps the car from looing control and its actually veryeasy to control. Als using the t4 rear foams at the moment half the shell is cut to fit the wires but ill put on different connectors so ill be puttin a new shell on it. I may also have an neu 1512 or lehner basic xl for it not sure yet. Ive also got to change the pinion for 90 plus mph. I wasnt really after anything just thought if there was there would be some good things to pick up from there.

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