Friday, April 10, 2009

Video: BoostCrzy hits 111mph!

BoostCrzy is using a Castle Creations Mamba Max 7700kv brushless motor with 75 tooth spur/43 tooth pinion gearing. He also said this:

I also switched out the EZRUN ESC for a Mamba Max...added a Castle Creations BEC to keep the Gyro and high speed servo happy(and ready for the 4s1p battery)....testing went well...speeds averaged about 95mph pass after pass....very consistent....and control is noticeably better on start and braking...the ESC has a VERY smooth brake allowing for accurate modulation through the entire slowing event.....I added a small fan to the heat sink, as the car is now a sealed unit with the under-tray and airflow is minimal inside...

More info here.

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