Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ryu James's Schumacher Mi3-3 speed

Using the same base car as Nic Case's heavily modified fastest r/c car in the world, Ryu James has built up a nice brushless 3 speed Shumacher Mi-3 for some speed runs. This is what he says about the car:

so here is my schumacher 3 speed i finished. i put the gps on it and it did 74mph. not bad. not the 100mph i was hoping for but just a gearing issue. but this is plenty fast and drivable. but it has no grip. it slides all over and went thru a pair of tires after 2 batteries. i ordered some foams. we'll see how they do. now i am finishing the RC8T and then its on to my 1/5 scale on road. been slowly starting on that one.
the schumacher is kinda ugly right now. just wanted to get it done to see how it ran. now i am going to clean it up with tons of carbon fiber, titanium, and aluminum. i will post more pics later.

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