Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mutie's Schumacher Menace GTRe

This is what "Mutie" has to say about the car:

I don't know how fast it will go but it is geared for 175mph (will increase if i add cells). hopefully i will get to test it, if i measure current significantly below 100amps and heat is not too bad and all else is well i will add cells for more speed

i have assumed the internal ratio of the menace is about 4:1 (i may be incorrect here )

on paper the ESC's have a maximum power rating of 5kw each, the motors are 3.5kw each and the batteries have a burst power rating of over 400 watts per cell, over 6kw with the current configuration of 8s. Loads of potential for magic smoke.....

I have a 3VC and was planning to use the traction control feature to limit initial stall current (it will enable me to program the throttle advance curve) , does this make sense with brushless motors? Huh?

i will remove the rear wing, thanks ziggy.

i hope the plywood can hold up!

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